About us

Juvalia & You is an innovative online jewellery brand that showcases international styles of fashion jewellery and accessories from around the globe. Following a unique social selling concept, the company was incepted in 2012 and has successfully democratised entrepreneurship by offering a promising and flexible opportunity for women to build their own business.

Drawing inspiration from international runway jewellery & accessory trends, a group of entrepreneurs met at the New York Fashion Week and started discussing a business model involving this passion. Soon they created Juvalia & You.

Women’s love for jewellery is a known fact and Juvalia gives them an opportunity to earn and become independent by selling what they are passionate about.

Our business model uses the online space to allow women to become stylists and host In-home styleshows. To help these stylists manage their business sealessly, we have given them a medium to monitor their business online through detailed dashboards and reports. A mobile application has also been launched where the stylists can share catalogues, place orders as well as track their sales and qualifications, while on the go.

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About us